I'm in a Gallery!

I submitted my pumpkins into a gallery for a Halloween show!   I hope they sell... and I hope this helps establish a relationship so I can sell more stuff there! Terra Toys gallery while new and small has the atmosphere and brightness that suits my work it looks great in there and I am really excited.  

I also took some other pumpkins over to Feats of Clay  where I took my pottery classes last year. 

In other news my grandmother took a spill about two weeks ago and has just been released from the rehab facility she was in.   They think she has had a series of concussions and for sure she broke her wrist.   Her memory is suffering and apparently her brain has SHRUNK!  Did you know that your brain SHRINKS?!  She is 84 so apparently BRAIN shrinkage is normal.  WTF man!  

The one thing that her dingyness has resulted in is she is now very a funny unfiltered version of herself and her biting wit shines through.    When I went to visit her in hospital my Aunt showed me photos from the night previous in the hospital and my grandmother quietly muttered to my husband that we should be "arrested" for laughing at the face she was making in the photo which was pretty silly (she was on REALLY good pain meds).