Naming day

I have some pumpkin lanterns that need names! 

Art objects are supposed to be "Named" but how do you name art?  

I went to college.... but I went to Hippy college which is similar in some respects but totally different from Art college. (and I didn't technically graduate)  I think they teach you this stuff in Art college but they didn't touch it in Hippy college so I am left to turn to my mother the professional artist who said "just make something up".  shit .... what does the internet suggest? There is a WikiHow article on the subject but it seems very artsy fartsy. (google translate thinks artsy fartsy in spanish is "fartsy artistico") 

So what is an artist to do? An object needs a name.  

What should be in a name?  It has to establish a sense of play (these are pumpkins I am talking about after all) and emote? Does the name have to emote?   Can the name be descriptive?  Should it be narrative or do I give them names like I would a pet?  hmm,  obviously this is all after the fact, I have named the pumpkins but I'm not sure if I made the correct decision... 

The other part of naming is listing "materials used".  Luckily being a potter my materials are fairly simple and I've never seen potters list their glaze details other than "food safe" or "not food safe" and then only if the item is obviously intended for food/drink.  (BTW if you intend to stick my pottery in your mouth it's all food safe glazes)