Reclaiming clay...

I am an incredibly lazy person,  My clay reclaiming process has turned out to be equally lazy but fairly successful, I think.  First off I am only in my 2nd year of potting so when I am making things on the wheel there are a significant number of "No no no aww fuck!" moments.  Enough that I find reclaiming is a really useful option for me.  If I didn't reclaim my clay more than half of the 25 lb bag would be wasted in the process.  So I throw all my fuck-ups into slurry buckets.  I have different buckets for different clays (I have not decided on what clay I like best so at the moment I have 5 different 5 gallon buckets going in my "studio" right now)   Filling a bucket can take weeks or months depending on how much throwing I am doing .   


Once a slurry bucket is full I will use my hands to break up the big clumps at the bottom (I throw fucked up greenware in the slurry buckets too).   Then once the largest clumps are well broken up and I feel like they are evenly distributed throughout the slurry, and no longer stuck to the bottom of the bucket, I will use a mixing drill bit attachment like a stick blender to get the slurry super mixed and as even as I can.  There will always be lumps left because this is the laziest way I have figured out in doing clay reclaiming.   After the slurry is mixed enough to be an even texture (again still some small lumps of soft clay) I let it settle in the bucket again until there is a layer of clear water on top.  


Now comes the FUN part ... right ... this is super interesting and worthy of blogging right?  

SO ... i scoop off as much clear water as I can ... then fill a pitcher with clay slurry and pour that slurry into a large tupper ware that has a 4 inch plaster of paris bottom.  Then I wait... and wait ... and wait for the water to evaporate.  I keep the lid on but not sealed with about a 2 inch gap on one side allowing some air exchange but not total exposing it so as to encourage even drying out.  In like 3 weeks I start testing.  Reclaiming is boring, but I think everyone should do it.