Is that a Perm?

I recently got a perm.  I never imagined I would.  I had always thought that perms should be relegated to the realms of grand mothers and weirdos who thought the 80s really were the best. 

But here's the thing; I HATE my hair as it naturally grows forth from my follicles.  Its mousey and blah.  It's not straight enough for comment and not wavy enough to have real body,  not thin enough to be feathery and not thick enough for glory.  It's just there.  

In the past I have locked it up in dreadlocks, shaved it all off, bleached it, dyed it almost all the colors of the rainbow (I never tried green...)  and shaved it again.  Each time I made a big shift I loved the results so I decided that it was time for another big change.

Well the color and shape change please me for now anyway.  I will probably get bored with the results at some point and make another change big enough for comment but ... not for a while.

Oh and I need to start tweeting things .... crap