First Sale!

I made my first sale... I made a couple of sales!  It is gratifying to show stuff to people and have them like my stuff enough to give me money so they can own them... SUPER gratifying.   I have some clay to work with but won't have time to throw anything until the 23rd.  I'm ITCHING to get on the wheel.   

But that's not really why I have a blog.   

Migraines,  they are the worst thing ever.  It's like my brain hates me.  When your brain, the place where everything that is "you" hates you it makes you feel ... a little bit insane.  Do you know what trepanning is?  Some days when I have a real bad migraine I REALLY understand the urge that drove people to think "yeah I want to drill a hole in my skull, that would be a good idea."  Modern medicine is a marvelous thing and having health insurance has it's perks like seeing a doctor and getting a prescription for one of the many available drugs to help abate the crippling pain.  Sometimes it takes two doses but the beast can be beaten back and life can go on... I might get a little loopy, I might over share, and I probably shouldn't drive but hey I stop thinking about drilling holes in my head right?!