Burn out over?

I think im in love with transparent porcelain… which is unfortunate because i still don’t have a cone 10 capable kiln and have to pay to get my work fired :(

New life goals:

  • Fire my own kiln to like cone 13 - i dont really have a good reason for this goal it just seems like it would be cool.

  • Mix my own gold lustre - because 40 bucks for a tiny amount is dumb

  • Make a porcelain light fixture

  • Make a porcelain fermenting crock

I'm in a Gallery!

I submitted my pumpkins into a gallery for a Halloween show!   I hope they sell... and I hope this helps establish a relationship so I can sell more stuff there! Terra Toys gallery while new and small has the atmosphere and brightness that suits my work it looks great in there and I am really excited.  

I also took some other pumpkins over to Feats of Clay  where I took my pottery classes last year. 

In other news my grandmother took a spill about two weeks ago and has just been released from the rehab facility she was in.   They think she has had a series of concussions and for sure she broke her wrist.   Her memory is suffering and apparently her brain has SHRUNK!  Did you know that your brain SHRINKS?!  She is 84 so apparently BRAIN shrinkage is normal.  WTF man!  

The one thing that her dingyness has resulted in is she is now very a funny unfiltered version of herself and her biting wit shines through.    When I went to visit her in hospital my Aunt showed me photos from the night previous in the hospital and my grandmother quietly muttered to my husband that we should be "arrested" for laughing at the face she was making in the photo which was pretty silly (she was on REALLY good pain meds). 


Naming day

I have some pumpkin lanterns that need names! 

Art objects are supposed to be "Named" but how do you name art?  

I went to college.... but I went to Hippy college which is similar in some respects but totally different from Art college. (and I didn't technically graduate)  I think they teach you this stuff in Art college but they didn't touch it in Hippy college so I am left to turn to my mother the professional artist who said "just make something up".  shit .... what does the internet suggest? There is a WikiHow article on the subject but it seems very artsy fartsy. (google translate thinks artsy fartsy in spanish is "fartsy artistico") 

So what is an artist to do? An object needs a name.  

What should be in a name?  It has to establish a sense of play (these are pumpkins I am talking about after all) and emote? Does the name have to emote?   Can the name be descriptive?  Should it be narrative or do I give them names like I would a pet?  hmm,  obviously this is all after the fact, I have named the pumpkins but I'm not sure if I made the correct decision... 

The other part of naming is listing "materials used".  Luckily being a potter my materials are fairly simple and I've never seen potters list their glaze details other than "food safe" or "not food safe" and then only if the item is obviously intended for food/drink.  (BTW if you intend to stick my pottery in your mouth it's all food safe glazes) 

Is that a Perm?

I recently got a perm.  I never imagined I would.  I had always thought that perms should be relegated to the realms of grand mothers and weirdos who thought the 80s really were the best. 

But here's the thing; I HATE my hair as it naturally grows forth from my follicles.  Its mousey and blah.  It's not straight enough for comment and not wavy enough to have real body,  not thin enough to be feathery and not thick enough for glory.  It's just there.  

In the past I have locked it up in dreadlocks, shaved it all off, bleached it, dyed it almost all the colors of the rainbow (I never tried green...)  and shaved it again.  Each time I made a big shift I loved the results so I decided that it was time for another big change.

Well the color and shape change please me for now anyway.  I will probably get bored with the results at some point and make another change big enough for comment but ... not for a while.

Oh and I need to start tweeting things .... crap 


First Sale!

I made my first sale... I made a couple of sales!  It is gratifying to show stuff to people and have them like my stuff enough to give me money so they can own them... SUPER gratifying.   I have some clay to work with but won't have time to throw anything until the 23rd.  I'm ITCHING to get on the wheel.   

But that's not really why I have a blog.   

Migraines,  they are the worst thing ever.  It's like my brain hates me.  When your brain, the place where everything that is "you" hates you it makes you feel ... a little bit insane.  Do you know what trepanning is?  Some days when I have a real bad migraine I REALLY understand the urge that drove people to think "yeah I want to drill a hole in my skull, that would be a good idea."  Modern medicine is a marvelous thing and having health insurance has it's perks like seeing a doctor and getting a prescription for one of the many available drugs to help abate the crippling pain.  Sometimes it takes two doses but the beast can be beaten back and life can go on... I might get a little loopy, I might over share, and I probably shouldn't drive but hey I stop thinking about drilling holes in my head right?!


Reclaiming clay...

I am an incredibly lazy person,  My clay reclaiming process has turned out to be equally lazy but fairly successful, I think.  First off I am only in my 2nd year of potting so when I am making things on the wheel there are a significant number of "No no no aww fuck!" moments.  Enough that I find reclaiming is a really useful option for me.  If I didn't reclaim my clay more than half of the 25 lb bag would be wasted in the process.  So I throw all my fuck-ups into slurry buckets.  I have different buckets for different clays (I have not decided on what clay I like best so at the moment I have 5 different 5 gallon buckets going in my "studio" right now)   Filling a bucket can take weeks or months depending on how much throwing I am doing .   


Once a slurry bucket is full I will use my hands to break up the big clumps at the bottom (I throw fucked up greenware in the slurry buckets too).   Then once the largest clumps are well broken up and I feel like they are evenly distributed throughout the slurry, and no longer stuck to the bottom of the bucket, I will use a mixing drill bit attachment like a stick blender to get the slurry super mixed and as even as I can.  There will always be lumps left because this is the laziest way I have figured out in doing clay reclaiming.   After the slurry is mixed enough to be an even texture (again still some small lumps of soft clay) I let it settle in the bucket again until there is a layer of clear water on top.  


Now comes the FUN part ... right ... this is super interesting and worthy of blogging right?  

SO ... i scoop off as much clear water as I can ... then fill a pitcher with clay slurry and pour that slurry into a large tupper ware that has a 4 inch plaster of paris bottom.  Then I wait... and wait ... and wait for the water to evaporate.  I keep the lid on but not sealed with about a 2 inch gap on one side allowing some air exchange but not total exposing it so as to encourage even drying out.  In like 3 weeks I start testing.  Reclaiming is boring, but I think everyone should do it.