My name is Sara.

This is olive, with her serious face on.

This is olive, with her serious face on.

 Just so you know... this is my hobby,  I have a regular 8 - 5 office job so I don't and never plan to have a large production studio.  Pottery is my passion and I sell what I make just to keep it from cluttering up my own home and to recoup the costs of manufacturing. That said some of the pieces I have took a lot of time and effort so while I want to recoup my expenses I also include in my pricing the "time cost" since my time is valuable and instead of investing that time in my home or garden I spend it on making pots, jewelry, and all the rest.  

This is Kenzi with her "HI!  WHAT IS THAT THING?" face on.   Heather  has a big camera! 

This is Kenzi with her "HI!  WHAT IS THAT THING?" face on.  Heather has a big camera! 

I started pottering in 2014 by taking classes at Feats of Clay in Austin, Texas.  I caught the clay bug and bought a vintage shimpo wheel after my second round of classes then early in 2015 I bought a second hand tiny electric kiln from craigslist.  Since my kiln is tiny my work is small scale and since the kiln has problems getting over cone 6 I am working in the cone 04 - 06 range in Armadillo clay's Longhorn White clay body.   That is of course just for now.  I have plans to build a larger propane kiln within the next year.  In the mean time, if you see something you like in any of my galleries and want to buy it send me a message.  For general info sign up for my newsletter to see if I will be at any craft fairs in Austin.  Just so you aren't waiting expectantly I probably won't be at more than one per year for the foreseeable future.